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Our deep product knowledge includes the full breadth of engine, airframe and avionics system tooling and test equipment you rely on to keep your aircraft flying. We are fully equipped to calibrate test equipment, meeting or exceeding published specifications and traceable to N.I.S.T. Standards. DFW aims to be your partner-of-choice for GSE rental, sales or calibration services.


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Our customer service is second-to-none. We are the responsive, informed and knowledgeable partner you can rely on for GSE tooling that meets the same strict certification requirements as the OEMs, while offering cost savings to reduce your overall operating costs.




RVSM Pitot Static Test Equipment



Automated RVSM/AOA-3 Channel Pitot Static Test Set 

DPST- 9200A

2-Channel Automated RVSM Pitot Static Test Set 


2-Channel Manual RVSM Digital Pitot Static Test Set 



NON-RVSM Pitot Static Test Equipment



2-Channel Automated Pitot Static Test Set


2-Channel Manual Digital Pitot Static Test Set

DPST- 3500M

2-Channel Manual Digital Pitot Static Test Set



Other Products



Safety Valve Test Set


Site Compass


PSIM 104

Pitot Static Isolation Manifold


Aircraft Universal Static Adapter/Battery Backup




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